Captain Disillusion on SPACE

If a lie could travel halfway around the world while the truth was putting on its shoes before the Internet, then what hope do skeptics have today? Sometimes it feels like we need a skeptical superhero! Enter Captain Disillusion.

Captain Disillusion is the creator and star of a series on YouTube debunking and/or explaining some of the most popular supernatural and pseudo-scientific viral videos making the rounds on the Internet. His videos are a great mix of education and entertainment, and it’s clear a lot of effort goes into each one.

Canadians can see an interview with Captain Disillusion on innerSPACE on the SPACE channel tonight. Check your local listings for show times (8:00PT, 9MT, 10CT, 11ET).

Love with your heart, use your head for everything else.

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  • Jesse Brydle

    Jesse Brydle, from Vancouver, BC, is a life-long science nerd who has always been drawn to controversy, so skepticism was an inevitable outcome. He studied Physics at UBC, and he currently works with computers (surprise surprise) in the non-profit sector, and has been involved with the Centre for Inquiry in Vancouver as a volunteer organizer for a little over a year.