Ghost Tours of the Okanagan – A Storyteller’s Story

Earlier this week I had a conversation with an old university friend, Gabe Newman. We both went to Theatre School together in Victoria. (Which makes us UVICtims.)

Out of school we did some work together in Vancouver before he went to Newfoundland – and ultimately came back to BC, in Vernon. Meanwhile I gradually started working more in film than in theatre.

Gabe actually has a small role in both a short film of mine and in my yet to be released feature, “The Beast of Bottomless Lake” he appears on the old version of the trailer as the Actor in the re-creation.

One of the theatre jobs that has been best to Gabe has been running Ghost Tours in both St. Johns and in Vernon. I thought it would be an excellent Hallowe’en offering to do an interview with him about his experiences, and to give some insight into that world.

We recorded this interview on Monday October 26th. I wish the sound quality were better, but I’ve had some equipment failures of late and was doing the best I could with spit and bailing wire on short notice.

The interview is largely un-cut. I did close a few gaps where we circled off into in jokes that you would not be ‘in’ on, and an extended discussion about his return to school to get his masters… all of which was way off topic.

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I think Gabe brings an interesting perspective on ghost tours as a form of storytelling first, and not specifically credulous.


- Kennedy

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