Skeptic North hits the Big Time!

Allow me to play happy-editor for a moment, and polish a few laurels.

In less than one month, we have made our presence felt on a major, mainstream media outlet!  Twice! 

The National Post ran a couple of stories relating to the recent post of our own science-based pharmacist, Scott Gavura, about the Autism One conference at the University of Toronto!  Super-congrats to Scott, and special thanks to National Post writers Ron Nurwisah and Tom Blackwell for giving our little voice a big megaphone.

We’ve caught the attention of some pretty big names and organizations, and this is definitely one of the highlights of our very young organization.   Remember when I said that Canadians skeptics needed to finally get together and get organized?  Well, this is just one of the things we can accomplish as an just 26 days!

Thanks to all of our readers and to those who keep coming back in the comment threads:  You are helping us build a community.  Thanks to everyone listed as a follower, and to everyone who follows us on Twitter:  you are showing our writers that people care what we have to say (it does mean a lot). Finally, thanks to the entire writing team: you’re proving that we can have a real effect on the country that we all call home, and I’m proud to have my name next to yours.

Keep reading, and I guarantee, nay… I promise that we will make every effort that we can to make it worth your visit, and that we will fight pseudo- and anti-science with all the weaponry at our disposal.

And thanks for putting up with this self-indulgent post.

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  • Steve Thoms

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