Skeptic North gets press

We busy little bees have been doing our bee dance all over the place lately.

First off, thanks a buzz to Phil Plait for giving a shout out to Skeptic North this week and especially for linking Scott’s great post about naturopaths in Ontario potentially gaining prescribing rights (for completeness, also see Steve’s follow-up). This is a timely issue that needs as much attention as possible.

Bee sure to check us out on this week’s Skeptic’s Circle, where they linked Scott’s post again and Jon’s stinging critique of HowStuffWorks.

We also pollinated the National Post with our awesomeness a few times this past week: Ethan’s post about the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo; Steve’s post about homeopathy and H1N1; and Marion’s post about donating blood.

Good work, skeptics!

Also, if you’re not already, bee sure (yeah, I used the same joke twice) to follow us on Twitter and check us out on Facebook: we have a group about the H1N1 flu and you can follow our latest posts.

Last but not least, thank you to all the hives that have added Skeptic North to their links pages and blogrolls. We appreciate it!

Why a bee theme? Because that’s the kind of skeptic I am this week.

Addendum: Also check out Des on The Skeptic Zone podcast this week. She and Richard Saunders discuss Skeptic North and Skeptically Speaking, her radio show/podcast, among other things. And, um, something about bees.

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