2009 Psychic Predictions Part 1 – John Hogue

December, 2009 – the end of another year. As usual, psychics in late 2008 made their various predictions about 2009. Let’s see how 2 of them did – I’m going to stick to Nostradamus fanboi John Hogue and self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne. Why? Because I had to arbitrarily limit myself somewhere so it might as well be them. I’m posting this in 2 parts for ease of reading.

John Hogue

If you’ve ever seen a documentary about Nostradamus, chances are you’ve seen Hogue’s beard and knit beret trying to convince you that it’s ok to change words and letters around in a prediction to fit some event after the fact. Because that’s how that works, right?

See 2:10 for what I’m talking about. [Warning: Penn & Teller language in the rest of the video.]

Well, he seems to have a more expanded repertoire than I thought. Upon consulting his website to see what Nostradamus might have allegedly had to say about the ol’ aughts, I found a page of predictions that Hogue made for 2009. I quivered with anticipation.

He blathers a bit about the Piscean age ending in 2008 and the Aquarian age beginning – wait, didn’t that happen in the 70s [wink]? Or no wait, isn’t it supposed to happen in about 600 years? The astrologers apparently don’t know either seeing as how several go by different dates – then he gets on with summarizing what’s in his book. I have not (and will not) read the book so I am going by information available from his website.

  1. FAIL China’s economy will be in crisis – nope – and they might built a “subtle” great wall to stop it. Walls = profit? There are rumors of an undersea series of tunnels (“subtle”?) that have been nicknamed the Underground Great Wall but they were supposedly started in 1995, not in response to the 2009 economy. That’s the closest I could find.
  2. FAIL We “could” – I smell bet hedgery – experience an end to the totalitarian regime of North Korea – nope (He might have predicted a change in North Korea because of the election in 2009, but Kim Jong-Il won a majority government. Oops.) – and Cuba – nope – and revive the cold war with Russia – nope.
  3. FAIL Beginning of an oil industry crisis – beginning? Where has he been the past 30 years? Oh right.
  4. FAIL Climate tipping points of no return despite historic snow and ice storms of 2008. Not really, but what does “tipping point” mean? It was a relatively slow (Atlantic) to moderate (Pacific) season for hurricanes. Tornadoes were on par with other years. There was low sunspot activity. There were heat waves (e.g., the US in July, Australia in January), but there were also record storms such as the recent snow storm in the eastern US.
  5. FAIL? The beginning of the end of America as a financial superpower. Hmm – I’m not an economist, but that seems like something that’s a matter of opinion. America is in an economic downturn, but so is the global economy. What indicates “financial superpower”? Influence? Trade? Dollar value? How would one evaluate the “beginning of the end” in this context?
  6. UNINTELLIGIBLE I can’t even paraphrase this: “Institutions of our Piscean-Age civilization will begin to collapse in 2009 and there will be intense pain caused by their loss, but every forest fire germinates renewed growth. Disaster is always the Kali Yuga handmaiden of opportunity. Bubbles of excess must pop before balance of still waters can be regained.” Um…

Apparently last year we also entered into a 36-year long Cosmic Night Cycle (??) and monkeys will fly out of my butt.

His 2010 “predictions” mention one that he thinks he got right in 2009. After a prediction that 2010 will bring World War III (such a ball of sunshine, he is), there’s the claim that his climate predictions from 2009 had “nearly 100 percent accuracy” [emphasis his]. Except the climate “predictions” ranged from vague to wrong – oddly enough he takes credit for the prediction that there would be a strong Atlantic hurricane season, citing Hurricane Bill, even though it was quiet season overall compared to previous seasons. Maybe his concept of “nearly 100″ is as broad as his concept of “strong Atlantic hurricane season”…

I can’t access Chapter 5 of his book where he talks about climate, so admittedly I can’t fully evaluate the accuracy of his climate predictions, but there were 9 other chapters in that book curiously not included in the statement of accuracy…

Hogue also allegedly “successfully predicted” the Mumbai attacks that killed 173 people (see top of this page – gray box), yet apparently prevented none of the deaths. He can supposedly predict horrible terrorist attacks and yet they still happen? He also takes credit (blue box, point 2, right side) for predicting the 2008 California wildfires – 23 deaths. I guess they didn’t get his warning phone call beforehand. It seems that if his powers of prediction are real, he is one of the most callous (or useless) human beings on the planet with at least 196 lives on his conscience. If he really thinks WWIII is next year, why isn’t he beating down everyone’s door warning people rather than writing about it in a self-published, low circulation $12.50 USD book?

Or maybe he’s not predicting anything. His statements for 2009 were false, vague, or nonsensical enough to fit specific events after the fact. If there are people out there who can predict the future, John Hogue doesn’t appear to be one of them. He seems less a psychic than a “what I meant was”.

Next: Sylvia Browne.

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