Have a Skeptic North Year!

Wow, here we are at the end of the year and what a year it has been! Skeptic North is just under 3 months old now, but already has gathered many great accolades from the skeptical community and beyond. Starting with a meeting of Canadians from across the country at The Amazing Meeting 7, this group has come together to shine a light on issues affecting the land of the “True North Strong and Free”. With respect to Steve’s recent post with end of the year lists, I present you with….an end of the year list.

Skeptic North raised awareness of the issues surrounding Bill 179 in Ontario which expanded prescription rights to naturopaths. With little warning Scott Gavura and Steve Thoms were instrumental in promoting science-based reasoning concerning this law from the pages of our blog to the pages of the National Post. While the bill passed the attention brought forward by the team was phenomenal considering our short life and limited preparedness. Steve was even interviewed on The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe in light of the effort.

Kim Hebert tackled Facebook quirks from quack therapies promoted with the accounts of deceased individuals to anti-vaccine hysteria that was rampant on the site.

Kennedy Goodkey gave us a means to rank ourselves as skeptics (all tongue in cheek of course).

Jonathan Abrams took on AGW denialism and was even reprinted in the National Post.

Marion Kilgour dissected the exclusion of homosexual men from donating blood.

Ethan Clow provided skeptics with some extremely constructive criticism

Of course this is only a sampling of the content that has been posted, there is so much more that it would literally fill this post with links. Above all a great thank you to the team, our diligent Editor-in-Chief Steve Thoms and Associate Editor Kim Hebert. We at Skeptic North look forward to 2010, and aim to keep bringing the skeptical eye with a noticeably Canadian angle.

Happy New Year from Skeptic North.

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  • Nathan Hinman

    Nathan is a member of the Edmonton Skeptics and board member of the Society of Edmonton Atheists, and maintains an online presence as Northernskeptic. Nathan seeks to network and educate to dispel myths and misconceptions and promote the wonder of science.