Searching for Skepticism

You may have noticed that, recently, mainstream media seems to have taken an interest in skeptical positions.

The National Post’s ongoing interest in republishing Skeptic North pieces, and this article, come to mind.

Have you noticed certain journalists that repeatedly report the evidence-based side of the story? Are there radio show hosts that seem to understand the intricacies of skepticism without the obviousness of having “skeptic” inserted in the name of the program? Is there a regular column in a small-town paper that shows a higher-than-average propensity for printing warnings about pseudoscience?

Skeptic North would like to start monitoring these pockets of critical thought in the popular press.

Please help us keep track of the bastions of skepticism buried within Canada’s newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Every time you read an article or hear a talk show that jumps out at you as an unexpected example of skepticism, please send us the link and tell us what was so skeptical about it. New Skeptic North volunteer Bryan Henry and I will collect the pieces, categorize them and, for the present, document them for posterity.

And that may be where it ends. But should ever another skeptical struggle arise where we have to get the word out immediately, it would be awfully handy to have a list of sympathetic media, wouldn’t it?

Thanks very much for your help!


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  • Desiree Schell

    Desiree is the host of Skeptically Speaking, the Edmonton-based radio show that asks you to call in and question everything. She has never quite grown out of the "but why?" stage of childhood development, and considers skeptics the people least likely to be annoyed by this kind of behavior. Her fondest wish is that one day math will suddenly make sense to her, with no effort whatsoever. It's good to dream.