Skeptic Fails and Wins this Week

We’ve got some surprising skeptical wins this week.
Jeff found some good reporting at Oprah’s O Magazine, debunking the myth that megadosing on vitamin C is good for your immune system. And he said the January print magazine had some other good articles as well. We also heard that the Skepdoc, Harriet Hall is writing in O Magazine. Oprah has been a pariah to the skeptic community by promoting a lot of dangerous and unscientific health advice. Seeing articles like this gives me some hope that there is someone at O Magazine who is interested in real the real science when it comes to health.
I also wanted to call out this article at Maclean’s on the possible link between abortion and breast cancer. This is obviously a hot-button issue, and many articles out there focused on the possible ramifications these findings could have without really looking at what the study means. Colby Cosh does a great job of scrutinizing the evidence.
As for skeptical fails, Nicole sent in this link from Toronto’s CP24 news network.
Their health expert is a homeopath “functional medicine nutritionist”. His bio describes him as “Known as one of Canada’s leading alternative health experts, Bryce Wylde is a highly knowledgeable and respected homeopathic doctor and functional medicine nutritionist. The director of The Vaughan Medical Centre, a 6000 square foot medical facility in Ontario, the centre integrates conventional medicine with natural medicine and physical therapies. “ Hmm. I didn’t know square footage was a qualification for giving medical advice.
Perusing the episodes, you can find Deepok Chopra telling you that you can change your genes by thinking good thoughts, or why you should get your mercury fillings out, or even how a good diet, including “prostate support” vitamins and herbs, will prevent prostate cancer.
The webpage embeds their videos and I couldn’t find a way to link to specific episodes, so you’ll just have to browse to see what he is spewing. While a lot of the stuff he’s promoting is only harmful to your bank account, claiming something as serious as prostate cancer can be prevented with herbs is getting into very dangerous territory. And on top of this, every episode is selling something. From books, to vitamins, to expensive treatments, this guy has made his show a forum for peddling all forms of unproven alt-med.
After seeing some of these episodes, I couldn’t help but hit the “Contact Us” link on CP24’s website and give them a piece of my mind. I would encourage you all to do the same. Thanks Nicole for bringing this guy to our attention.

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