Skeptic Fails and Wins this Week

This week, I only received skeptical wins!

Marion saw this interesting article about the sociology of the nuclear power debate.

Bruce told us about this Dragon’s Den episode where the judges put a snake oil salesman in his place. When the guy came on to talk about his magic silver water curing all kinds of minor ailments, the judges just laughed. But when he claimed it could cure cancer, they let him have it. I cheered out loud in a couple spots! You can watch the episode here, skip to the 27 minute mark to see it all go down. This link only works in Canada unfortunately.

***Update…the video has now been posted on Youtube so are non-canadian readers can watch it. And Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer also posted it on his site.
And a lot of you saw these clips of William Shatner telling John Edward what he thinks about his psychic abilities. Even if you’re not normally a Kirk fan, you’ve got to love him here!

Thanks for sending in your links this week. If you find a skeptical fail or win in the media, please send it to me at skepticnorthlinks [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. [...] came on the show attempting to sell magic water that could cure virtually any aliment. The Dragons, demonstrating some healthy skepticism, eviscerated his pitch and sent him [...]

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