Skeptic Fails and Wins this Week

Happy Valentine’s Day! What could be more romantic than enjoying some skeptical fails and wins?

Scott sent in this great piece by Margaret Wente in the Globe and Mail, commenting on the damage done by the now discredited Wakefield paper.

Compare that article to this one in the Huffington Post, which claims that there is no evidence that vaccines are NOT connected to autism, and that is enough of a reason to keep researching. However, I do have to give some small credit to the author (who is also an MD), for deriding the Lancet for ever publishing the Wakefield study in the first place.

Nathan sent in this win from the CBC, who takes a look at the claims of the Herbal Magic diet program. 

Definitely worth watching.
Chris sent in this win from a Chicago paper about snake-oil salesmen Kevin Trudeau, it quotes Stephen Barrett from Quackwatch!
I enjoyed this article on BoingBoing, which gives a list of the top explanations we humans have claimed for UFOs. They range from plausible to totally out there.
See you again next week, keep those links coming(skepticnorthlinks[at]gmail[dot]com)!

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