Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

Good morning all of you rationally minded Canadians and Canadian-curious friends.

Scott found this win in The Standard. It’s a skeptical rant on homeopathy and its regulation in Ontario. There’s also a nice dig against the History channel thrown in for good measure.

This one is a fail for skepticism, but a win for entertainment. Did you know there are Nazis on the moon?

Check out this fail at It looks like naturopaths are dolling out vitamins intravenously now. The naturopath has the balls to say “This is a very safe alternative to chemo“. The article does provide some quotes from doctors that challenge this statement, which certainly makes this article better than many of the others I’ve linked. The problem is, the author gives the naturopath the same amount of lines as the real doctors and never asks the naturopath for any evidence. And notice it’s the I have to admit cute naturopath who gets his picture in the article, not any real doctors. The correct response to someone saying that they can cure cancer better than chemo without providing any evidence would be to rake them over the coals for putting people’s lives at risk. We see this brand of “fair and balanced” journalism everywhere. Skeptics proportion their beliefs to the evidence, if only journalists did that as well.

That’s all I’ve got for fails and wins this week. Don’t forget to keep those links coming in to skepticnorthlinks [at] gmail [dot] com.

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