The Climate of Environmental Economics

I’d like to draw attention to an article that I think everybody concerned with global climate change should read.

Paul Krugman is an economist who (among many other things) writes for the New York Times. To date, I don’t think I have come across a person who can communicate economic principles as clearly as he can. Basically, this guy knows what he’s talking about and he knows how to say it. A quality that’s (unfortunately) becoming quite rare.

His article, Building a Green Economy, focuses not on climate science itself, but rather the environmental economics surrounding things like climate change. His point? Just like in the debate over climate change, the debate over climate economics appears radically different when examined from inside, than it does when portrayed in the media.

Whether or not you believe in market solutions to environmental problems like climate change, this is a must-read article to at least have a proper understanding of what the debate is actually about.

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  • Mitchell Gerskup

    Mitchell Gerskup recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Economics and Philosophy. An avid atheist and skeptic, he has served as the President of the University of Toronto Secular Alliance, helping to promote science, reason and critical thinking around Toronto. He also volunteers with the Centre for Inquiry’s Ontario branch, and currently sits on the CFI’s Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism. Mitchell is also an accomplished competitive debater, having debated all across Canada. In addition to issues of economics and philosophy, Mitchell is interested in the fields of science and technology.