Changes, Changes

Hello gentle readers,

I have a bit of housekeeping to announce. We have recently changed hosting services. This means that any of you following by a blog aggregator or feed (such as Google Reader) will have to update the address from which you’re following us.

The new post feed is and for comments it’s You can also view these feeds by clicking the links near the top right corner of the Skeptic North site.

To change this in Google Reader, first copy the above link(s). Then delete the old feed. Then click at the top right hand side where there’s a button labeled “Add a subscription”. Finally, paste the above link(s), one at a time, into the field that appears.

You should now be following the new Skeptic North feed! Thank you for your patience and for your dedication in following us!

Skeptic North Editors

2 Responses to “Changes, Changes”

  1. Todd Kuipers says:

    I just happened to check my feed from Skeptic North (nomrally aggregated in a larger reading list) and noticed that I hadn’t seen anything in a few days. I was reminded by the latest post to the National Post blog.

    I think your announcement concerning the feed change didn’t end up going to the old feed – hence you might be missing a few readers now. If you can still ping people through the old feed with the update notice a few more people should follow.

    Thanks again for an excellent site – I do look forward to your arcticles. Much appreciated.

    • Kim Hebert says:

      Thanks for that information. We’re aware of the problem and are looking into it.


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