Naturopathic Medicine Week

This week, May 3 to 9, is Naturopathic Medicine Week. We’ve discussed naturopathy on Skeptic North several times in the past, so I’ve gathered a list for readers to peruse this week. Enjoy.

Sep 30, 2009
: Scott discusses the false dilemma of alternative “vs” mainstream health care in the magazine Chatelaine.

Oct 6, 2009: Kim discusses the potential regulation of naturopaths in the Atlantic provinces.

Bill 179
In late 2009, Ontario passed legislation to allow certain health practitioners and naturopaths the right to prescribe medicine (to varying degrees). Skeptic North covered this topic extensively. Here are a few of those posts:

  • Nov 14, 2009: Scott discusses the health-related issues surrounding Ontario naturopaths gaining the right to prescribe.
  • Nov 17, 2009: Steve lets us know why Bill 179 (and similar legislation) matters to health consumers and potential legal issues surrounding naturopaths and prescriptions.
  • Nov 30, 2009: Jon and Steve respond to a naturopathic rebuttal to an article, written by Scott, critical of Bill 179′s inclusion of naturopaths. These were published in the National Post.

Dec 18, 2009: Michael discusses the problems with using animal studies to “prove” that CAM cannot work by placebo effect.

Feb 4, 2010: Kim analyzes the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ official response to the 10:23 campaign.

Feb 8, 2010: Guest blogger, Rob Tarzwell, discusses the regulation of naturopaths in BC and analyzes some statements from the BC Naturopathic Association website.

One Response to “Naturopathic Medicine Week”

  1. Dr. Bob Ironic says:

    NCNM ND Pincott tells us that naturopathy is science-based and its acceptance is increasing (see ).

    NCNM ND Pincott also tells us that naturopathy is based on the science-ejected vitalistic (see ).

    Happy NMW, Canada!



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