Skeptic North 2.0!

Notice anything different?

We’ve switched our hosting servers and redesigned the look and interface of our home and native blog!

Skeptic North, circa 10/09

When we launched the site last October, many readers complained commented that we were too bland…too Sarah Plain and Tall for a blog as ambitious as ours. There were many interface / technical / aesthetic issues that I didn’t have the skill or patience to fix with the template we were using, so we took our time and got real experts to do this webby-stuff for us.

So what’s different?

You may notice that the author’s name appears at the top of the post now (no more tedious scrolling), and posts all have a “read more” feature, so more information fits on the main page.

See that?  It works!

We have a Contact Us page now, so you won’t have to open your email browser to tell us the latest gossip about who’s dating who, and what subatomic particle collided with what subatomic particle.

We have a new logo too!  And that is…well that’s just cool.

Also, the publishing software at our old home (blogger) was a little clunky and limited in what it could do, so hopefully some kinks (such as formatting issues) will be worked out.

When a site moves to a new home, there are bound to be some hiccups. That in mind, we ask that you be patient with us during this process, and let us know of any error messages, broken links, or anything else we may have missed.

As always, you can be our fan on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  We’ve still got a few behind-the-scenes changes to implement, but you can now email the editors: editor [at] skepticnorth [dot] com, which will be read by Kim and myself.  There will be a few more communications changes coming soon, so we’ll keep you posted as events warrant.

I want to send out a special thanks to our Webmaster, Max Morin for putting in many hours for our re-launch.  If anything didn’t work on the old site, it was Max who fixed it for the new one.

I think I can fairly speak for the whole Skeptic North team when I express my thanks to all of our readers.  I know that that always seems to be an empty platitude, but we really do appreciate the tremendous support and kindness of everyone who has taken the time to read our stuff, comment in the threads, send us links, send us emails, re-tweet our tweets, and share our articles on Facebook.  It means a great deal to all of us, and I hope that we can continue to make content that is worth your time.

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