Anti-Deepak Chopra Gathering in Vancouver

On June 4th, Deepak Chopra, new age alt med practitioner will be giving a talk in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Chopra takes scientific terms like quantum mechanics and warps the meaning to suit his pseudo-scientific/mysticism claims to give them the veneer of legitimacy. Not only have his claims been documented to be wrong and debunked many times, but he persists in promoting this woo to the general public despite the danger it could pose if used instead of science based medicine.

The Centre for Inquiry Vancouver is urging all skeptics and freethinkers to stand up and take a stand on pseudo-science like this.

On June 4th we will be staging an anti-Deepak Chopra gathering outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

The plan is to meet at the Vancouver Public Library at 350 West Georgia Street at 5:00pm for any last minute plans or idea. We will then head over to the theatre, which is located at Hamilton and Dunsmuir for 6:00pm when the VIP’s arrive for Chopra’s talk. We will remain until 7:00pm when the talk opens to the general public.

Don’t worry if you can’t arrive right at 5 for the planning. You can join us at any time.

The main goal is to hand out flyers encouraging people to think critically about what they are about to see and hear. It is not a “protest” there won’t be any signs or angry chants. What we hope to have is a number of people handing out flyers and offering a voice of reason.

We’d also like to encourage people to wear their skeptical themed shirts. I’ll be wearing my CFI Vancouver shirt and I encourage anyone else to wear theirs. If you’d like to buy one they are $10. We also encourage you to wear your Skepticamp t-shirt or any other fun science/skepticism shirt. We don’t want to look like a bunch of uniformed skeptics, but we should display our fashionable skeptical attire with pride!

There was initially some talk of people dressing up. You’re welcome to do so.

Should any media show up, I’ll be acting as spokesperson on behalf of CFI. Anyone who wants to speak on their own behalf is also welcomed and encouraged to do so.

The Facebook event can be viewed here.

A copy of the flyer can be seen at the CFI Vancouver event listing here.

5 Responses to “Anti-Deepak Chopra Gathering in Vancouver”

  1. Max says:

    I will be there for sure, but I do not have any skeptical themed clothing, is there a way to get a hold of a t-shirt on the day of this gathering?

    • Ethan Clow says:

      Sure thing! I’ll have CFI T-shirts for anyone to purchase. There might also be some Vancouver Skepticamp t-shirts available as well.

    • Paddy says:

      Skeptical themed clothing. Thats a very scientfic thing. Lets hand out flyers in our skeptical themed clothing to some people who freely make their way into a peaceful assemply to listen to one man’s view of reality

  2. jen says:

    this is crazy. are you people nuts? don’t you think that the people going to see him are adult enough to believe whatever they want?

    how dare you hassle people’s free will and right to choose a belief system which pleases them.

    hey i think the idea of believing that there’s some guy up in the clouds surrounded by a bunch of people with wings who control the world sounds a bit fluffy but i’d never insult anyone so much as to say that their face or pass out fliers outside their church.

    what are you…against freedom of thought? freedom of religion? your in the wrong country.

    don’t hassle peaceful people.

    • Erik Davis says:

      Hi Jen. You may want to read the post-mortem of this event here: , as I think it addresses most of your concerns. I wasn’t at the event, but I know that a lot of thought went into ensuring the proceedings were respectful.

      I’d also encourage you to at least consider this sort of thing from a consumer protection perspective. Chopra makes a lot of money selling tickets, books and other merchandise. People are of course free to spend their money on what they like, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone to respectfully invite them to think critically about the product they’re purchasing.

      Indeed, I hope someone has the decency to hand me a flyer if I ever find myself at a questionable event, like a tent revival or a Celine Dion concert.


  • Ethan Clow

    Ethan Clow, born and raised in the Vancouver area, is best known in the skeptical community as Ethan the Freethinking Historian, co-host of Radio Freethinker, a skeptical podcast and radio show on CiTR in Vancouver. And as the former Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry Vancouver. Ethan graduated with a B.A. in History from UBC in the fall of 2009 and has an active role with skeptical movements in Vancouver and British Columbia. He was an executive member of the UBC Freethinkers, a campus club that promotes skepticism and critical thinking. He still maintains a close relationship with the UBC Freethinkers and helps plan events and organizes skeptical activism as best he can. Currently he works for the Centre for Inquiry as the Executive Director of CFI Vancouver.