Canada Speaks: This Week In Skepticism

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Hi everyone.  It’s me, Melany.  I normally only turn up in your RSS feeds on Sundays, but I’ll be filling in for Scott while he’s on vacation.  Here’s a roundup of podcasts to fill up your iPod. Then you’re free hit the beach, close your eyes (but not your brain!) and listen to some great Canadian skeptics.

The Reality Check

This week the Ottawa Skeptics bring us more of their highlights from TAM. Anecdotal evidence suggests it was a great conference.  This episode also features a great interview with the magnanimous DJ Grothe, president of the JREF. And Darren sheds some light on the myth that elephants are afraid of mice. Find previous episodes here or subscribe on iTunes.

Skeptically Speaking

Last week, Desiree Schell spoke with Mark W. Moffett about his book, Adventures Among Ants. Think humans were pretty clever for inventing traffic rules, agriculture, and air conditioning? It turns out that ants beat us to it.

If you missed your chance last week, you still have a chance to ask questions on Friday’s episode when Desiree will be speaking with Dr. Kimberly A. Kote about the science of sleep.  Catch it live at the website, listen on air, or subscribe on iTunes.

Radio Freethinker

This week my fellow west-coasters at Radio Freethinker discussed some skeptical current events, and interviewed paranormal investigator Joe Nickell.  Catch them live on UBC’s CITR radio station every Tuesday or at their website.

Think for Yourself

BC Skeptics Lee Moller and Dale Beyerstein have launched a brand spankin’ new skeptical radio show, Think for Yourself.  You can listen live online or on Vancouver COOP radio every Thursday.  You can also find archives of previous shows on the website.

Do you know about a great Canadian podcast or videocast that I missed?  Let me know in the comments!

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