Canada Speaks: This Week In Skepticism

Welcome to the first weekly update of Canadian skeptical radio shows and podcasts. Each week I’ll tell you what’s new and what’s upcoming in skeptical media.

Despite its size, Canada punches above its weight when it comes to skeptical media. There are three regular shows which attract a wide and diverse audience and are all highly recommended for any critical thinker – not just Canadians.

Radio Freethinker

Starting on the West coast, Radio Freethinker is a weekly radio show on CiTR 101.9 FM, broadcasting from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. It’s hosted by Skeptic North contributor Ethan Clow and includes topics related to skepticism, science, critical thinking, and civil liberties. The program broadcasts live on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm. You can subscribe to the show’s RSS feed here, and follow them on Facebook, too. This week’s show includes a discussion of organic pesticides, a Belgium police raid on the Catholic Church and the issue of confrontation versus accommodation in the skeptical community.

Skeptically Speaking

Hopping over the Rockies to Alberta, Skeptically Speaking is a weekly show on CJSR 88.5 FM, based at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Hosted by Desiree Schell, it’s the only interactive skeptical radio show that encourages its listeners to,  “Call in. Question everything.” The show broadcasts live on Fridays at 6:00 pm. If you can’t listen live, the show is available as a podcast, and you can access the show’s RSS feed or subscribe via iTunes.

Transhumanism was the topic of last week’s show, and included interviews with two guests. It also includes a feature with Greg Laden, part of the “Everything You Know is Sort Of Wrong” series, on the question of “Did Humans Evolve from Apes?”

Tonight (July 2, 2010) Desiree speaks with Ben Radford, columnist and managing editor for Skeptical Inquirer Magazine. Ben is a veteran investigator of paranormal incidents, and the author of “Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries.”

The Reality Check

Our next and final stop this week is in our nation’s capital, Ottawa.  The Reality Check is a podcast-only show and is a production of the Ottawa Skeptics. It’s hosted by Skeptic North contributor, and Ottawa Skeptics president, Jonathan Abrams.  This week’s episode looks at black hole pareidolia,  has an interview with Paul Ingraham,  and take a closer look at the “do mice love cheese” myth. Subscribe to The Reality Check on iTunes or via RSS.

That’s this week’s wrap up of skeptical media. If you have a show that you’d like to have profiled, please mention it in the comments.

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