Don’t Start Believing

For my weekly podcast, The Reality Check, we often have a short “skeptical” parody of a song before the show starts. Many people wanted a full-length parody song, so for our 100th episode we parodied that obvious: Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

I hope you enjoy the song and video:

If you want a high quality mp3 of the song or the lyrics, click here

One Response to “Don’t Start Believing”

  1. Arouet says:

    Well done guys! Love the parodies! Keep them coming!


  • Jonathan Abrams

    Jonathan Abrams is the latest founder and president of the Ottawa Skeptics. He organizes local events, makes media appearances as the token skeptic, and is one of the website maintainers. He is the host of the skepticism podcast The Reality Check. When he’s not thinking about science and skepticism, he’s working as a computer engineer, playing pinball, or doing the dishes.