Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be a D*ck” Talk Now Online

Phil Plait‘s much blogged about talk at The Amazing Meeting 8 (aka TAM8) in Vegas called “Don’t Be a Duck”, I mean, “Don’t Be a Dick” has been made available for viewing online. I recommend you check it out. Even though what he’s saying isn’t new (I blogged similar thoughts) he does present the argument in favour of “nice” skeptical outreach in a very clear and passionate way.

Phil Plait – Don’t Be A Dick
from James Randi Educational Foundation on Vimeo.

Fellow SN blogger Ethan gave his thoughts on Phil’s talk here. Erik then followed up Ethan’s post with this one.

You can also read my recap of TAM8 here

2 Responses to “Phil Plait’s “Don’t Be a D*ck” Talk Now Online”

  1. slantendicular says:

    His anecdote about how he responded to the Young Earth Creationist at the summer camp that he was teaching – first with refutation and then by enjoining her to seek out more information from multiple points of view – is particularly memorable. His overall message – don’t be a dick – is doubly memorable, both because it’s a clear moral exhortation and it has a clever title. Thanks for posting.

  2. AndrewK says:

    I think “nice” is the wrong word for it. To me, being “nice” means avoiding conflict. This about being respectful and recognizing that people are sincere about their ‘crazy’ beliefs. When you want to convince someone that they’re wrong, you should present the same kind of case that you’d expect from them. An adversarial approach will always elicit and adversarial response.


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