Thanks Reddit!

As a relatively young site, we haven’t focused too much on generating traffic for Skeptic North.  The philosophy here has been to publish high quality, informative articles and let that be the draw.

So we were somewhat surprised yesterday when we saw a 5x increase in our visitor stats.  Turns out, our last two articles were holding the #1 and #2 spots on the skeptic forum over at Reddit, and it was driving an awful lot of people our way.   As of this morning, both articles are still in the Top 10.  Who knew crocoducks were so huge?

Social networks are an amazing thing, and we sometimes underestimate their power.  At their worst, they can drive misinformation or be manipulated by attractive people for commercial gain.  But at their best, they can make a niche journal like ours suddenly popular.

We’re asking for your help to do the latter.  There are only two steps, and they’re both painless:

  1. Subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss an article
  2. When an article interests or challenges you, share it with your own network. We’ve included sharing buttons on each article to make that a simple process.

(It’s also worth noting that you can follow our contributors on Twitter via this handy list).

In closing, a big thanks to the Reddit community — and to all of you who read Skeptic North regularly.  We hope it’s a valuable use of your time, and welcome your feedback.

4 Responses to “Thanks Reddit!”

  1. rtp says:

    You’re welcome. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ayesee says:

    As a non-official, self declared representative of Reddit (and a frequent browser of /r/skeptic), you’re quite welcome.

    Just don’t publish bullshit, or you’ll see your traffic spike at the expense of hundreds (thousands?) of members mocking you. We’re a fickle, nerdy bunch, eager to jump on a bandwagon but always obsessive enough to check sources and call shenanigans on nonsense.

    Keep this in mind, and I’ve no doubt you’ll succeed in all of your endeavors.

  3. rtp says:

    Regarding what Ayesee said, I think it’s okay if you happen to publish bullshit, as long as you’re ready to correct what is published whenever the flaws are pointed out. We can’t always be correct, but we can always correct. :)


  • Erik Davis

    Erik is a technology professional based in Toronto, focused on the intersection of the internet and the traditional media and telecommunications sectors. A reluctant blogger, he was inspired by the great work Skeptic North has done to combat misinformation and shoddy science reporting in the Canadian media, and in the public at large. Erik has a particular interest in critical reasoning, and in understanding why there’s so little of it in the public discourse. You can follow Erik's occasional 140 character musings @erikjdavis