Women? Thinking Critically? That’s What SheThought!

I’d like to introduce my fellow Canadians to SheThought.com, a wonderful new women’s critical thinking blog. Founded by Heidi Anderson, and with contributions from women (and men!) all over the world, SheThought provides a supportive place to explore issues important to women, from an evidence-based perspective.

Of significance to Canadians; SheThought wants you. In order to reflect the diversity of women’s issues that could use a good shot of critical analysis, the blog needs a wide variety of contributors. They’re looking to expand their lineup of Canadian writers; I’ve signed up to contribute, and you should too. I’ll let Heidi tell you all about it, in this short interview.

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  • Desiree Schell

    Desiree is the host of Skeptically Speaking, the Edmonton-based radio show that asks you to call in and question everything. She has never quite grown out of the "but why?" stage of childhood development, and considers skeptics the people least likely to be annoyed by this kind of behavior. Her fondest wish is that one day math will suddenly make sense to her, with no effort whatsoever. It's good to dream.