Skeptic Fails and Wins This Week

Good morning skeptifans.  What could make the weekend brighter? How about a roundup of skeptical Fails and Wins in the news this week.

Antioxidants 101
This story showed up in Saskatoon’s The StarPheonix. When I read the title I was prepared for a load of Fail, but was pleasantly surprised to see this Win of a quote:

But are the benefits of loading up on antioxidants overblown? “Honestly, yes,” says Dr. Belinda Heyne.

Big Pharma Explain How To Pick Cherries
Mitchell sent in this Win of an article at the Neuroskeptic blog, about a Fail of a paper put out by GlaxoSmithKline.

MS and the House of Commons
The controversial and unproven new MS treatment has been a hot topic on the Fails and Wins. It’s also been a hot topic in Canadian politics. Regular link-sender David has been watching this issue being debated the House of Commons, and has been tracking it at his blog. See your MP’s name there? Maybe you should write to them.

Autumnal Equinox: Why First Day of Fall 2010 Is Different
We just experienced the autumnal equinox. This National Geographic article tells us what was special, and what wasn’t, about this year’s transition into fall.

Horoscope Judging
Pat found this cartoon that goes perfectly with last the Cracked article mentioned last week.

That’s the Fails and Wins this week. Feed me more at links [at] skepticnorth [dot] com.

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