Canada Speaks: This Week in Skepticism

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for your weekly update of Canadian skeptical media.

Skeptically Speaking

Last week, Desiree spoke with Dr. David Gorski, surgical oncologist and Managing Editor of Science-Based Medicine, about the science and the suspicion of vaccinations. This is a great interview, and the caller question must be heard to be believed. On Speaking Up, Desiree spoke with Leart Shaka about his project The Vaccine Times, which is targeting pediatrician’s waiting rooms in the fight against vaccine misinformation.

This Friday, Desiree will speak with Guy P. Harrison, author of Race and Reality: What Everyone Should Know about Our Biological Diversity. Is there any real biological basis to race? And how does it compare with our cultural understanding?And on Speaking Up, Desiree will speak with Noah Nez, author of Diary of a Native Skeptic, a blog that looks at critical thinking from a Native American perspective.

Skeptically Speaking broadcasts live on Fridays at 6:00 pm Mountain Time. If you can’t listen live, the show is available as a podcast, and you can access the show’s RSS feed or subscribe via iTunes.

The Reality Check

This week, Adam explores the history of wicca. Elan is back with another iteration of Science Fiction or Science Fact: Fear Edition. And Darren looks at the truth behind the mythology of wolves howling at the moon. Subscribe to The Reality Check on iTunes or via RSS. You can also play it directly here.

Radio Freethinker

The RF media empire is growing. Radio Freethinker is now syndicated on CFBX “The X” 92.5FM in Kamloops, where it will air Wednesdays at 1pm. Ethan speaks with Bill Ligertwood of the Kamloops Rationalists to learn more about the skeptical community in that city.The group discusses the recent presentation at UBC by creationist Dr. Jon­athan Sarfati. And Elan leads a discussion about the economic and policy implications of transportation policies at they related to sprawl and development.

Radio Freethinker broadcasts live on Tuesdays on CiTR 101.9 FM at 3:30 pm Pacific time. You can subscribe to the show’s RSS feed here, and follow them on Facebook, too.

That’s this week’s wrap up of skeptical media. Until next week!

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