Canada Speaks: This Week in Skepticism

Either this or Die Hard, I can't decide what to watch

There’s no holiday downtime for skeptics! You’re probably traveling over the next few days – here’s something to take along for the ride.

Skeptically Speaking

Still shopping? Last week’s show was a gift-giving spectacular, covering the best science books, featuring selections from a number of guests. The entire list of suggested books is here. Kennedy Goodkey, one of the show’s guests, expands on his picks here.  This Friday’s show will be a pre-recorded interview with Joe Nickell, scholar, author and veteran paranormal investigator, to talk about his experiences examining religious relics.

Radio Freethinker

Radio Freethinker’s episode 94 is online, and you can download it here. The main topic of the show was the Wikileaks phenomena – is it good or bad for democracy? Other items include past mistakes, trends in evolution acceptance, and  a proposal to limit internet access to pornography in the United Kingdom.

The Reality Check

From Ottawa, Ontario, The Reality Check covers baby sign language, the nature of “toxins” (both real and imagined), and whether a relationship exists between sexual orientation and child sexual abuse.

That’s it for for the year – look for your next update in 2011.

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