Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

Hello Skeptifans. Here’s a fresh batch of Fails and Wins in the media this week.

Get the Facts: 13 Nutrition and Food Myths Busted
Every heard the myth that chocolate causes acne? How about the myth that fasting can clear your body of toxins? Lisa sent in this Win that sets the record straight on some common food myths.

Angry UBC condo owners to protest hospice
Dave sent in this story. A hospice that was planned to be built at UBC is now in jeopardy because of the superstitions of some residence nearby. Some believe that being near people who are dying can bring bad luck. Fail.

This Is Why Horoscopes Are Full of Assfog
Patrick sent this Win from Gizmodo. I’ve never heard the term “assfog” before, but I’m kind of in love with it. If you needed another reason to think astrology is crap, some folks put together some pretty cool info-graphics that illustrate it.

The Alternative Health Controversy
Connie sent in this major Fail. Snake oil peddler Joe Mercola, “the man your doctor doesn’t want you to listen to” went on Dr. Oz’s credulous “health” show. He spouted off all sorts of his unfounded beliefs while Dr. Oz nodded right along with him. Why is it that nobody is talking about the shills for Big Supplements, Big Homeopathy, and Big Alt-med in general? These are billion dollar industries which, unlike the pharmaceutical companies, operate largely unregulated and without having to supply evidence of efficacy.

Internet fuels parental paranoia
David sent in this story. It’s a Win of an article about a Fail of an issue. The Medicine Hat Catholic school board spent thousands of dollars trying to quell Wi-Fi fears by providing evidence that it was safe. But will evidence really win an argument that wasn’t based on facts in the first place?

Alta. distances itself from Cold-FX ad
Art sent in this story. Looks like Cold FX was recruiting for a clinical trial, and decided to use the Alberta Health Services logo in the advertising. The AHS was not too happy about it.

That’s all the Fails and Wins this week! Keep ‘em coming to links [AT] skepticnorth [DOT] com.

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