Celebrating Darwin Day in Saskatchewan

Familiar with Darwin Day?

Darwin Day is an international celebration of Darwin’s life and his contributions to science. 2011 marks Saskatoon’s third annual celebration.

This year, the celebration goes province-wide. Darwin Day has received official recognition from Donna Harpauer, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Education:

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Saskatoon’s Darwin Day celebrations started just two years ago as a project for two nascent groups that had formed only months before. The Saskatoon Skeptics and the Saskatoon Freethinkers banded together to host a free public party to celebrate Darwin’s 200th birthday. A room was booked, cake was ordered, posters, emails and press releases were distributed. The organizers held their collective breaths. Owing in part to media attention of Darwin’s 200th birthday and a morning interview on CBC radio, close to one hundred people filled the room in celebration of Darwin’s bicentennial birthday. 2010 was even bigger. And in 2011, it grows again:

The day begins at 1:00 pm on Saturday, February 12 with the video “What Darwin Never Knew“, followed by birthday cake and coffee. At 3:00 pm, University of Saskatchewan science historian Larry Stewart will give a talk titled “Darwin’s Dilemma and Human Evolution”. The lecture will cover Darwin’s impact on science after the publication of “On the Origin of Species”. At 4:15 pm, U of S Professor Angela R. Lieverse from the department of Archaeology and Anthropology will be presenting a lecture on “Evolution and the Establishment of Human Antiquity”. She will highlight major fossil discoveries of early human ancestors.

The Saskatoon Secular Family Network is joining in the fun this year and will have family focused displays and activities running in parallel with the video and lectures.

Darwin Day is a free public event. It is financed by donations from the attendees and the organizing groups as a public service to science and science education.

For more information, visit: www.SaskSkeptics.com.

Thanks to Dale Boan of the Saskatchewan Skeptics for contributing this post.

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