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Oscillococcinum. 15 flaws in the biggest selling homeopathic product in the world.

There’s a lot of pseudoscience when it comes to obesity and weight management. A strong advocate for science is Edmonton’s Dr. Arya Sharma, and his recent blog post Is Exercise More About “Calories In” Than “Calories Out”? examines common perceptions from a scientific perspective.

From Science-Based Medicine: Diet Supplements or Nutritional Supplements: A Ruse by Any Other Name is Still a Ruse.

Also from SBM, the persistent meme of the hidden cancer cure.

A new website on ear candles – illegal in Canada, yet sold openly.

A new Cochrane review on spinal manipulation finds “no better or worse than other existing therapies for patients with chronic low-back pain.”

Regulating, without regulating, alternative medicine. The Lay Scientist on UK proposals that envision a framework similar to what already exists in Canada.

A slightly different take on the problem of dilutions used in homeopathy.

Beware bogus food allergy tests.

Sara Mayhew is busy at her personal blog with When Gender Goes Pear-Shaped: Not Quite, and Secular Storytelling: Why writers should move beyond The Hero’s Journey. And Steve Thoms, over at his own blog, looks at the Fox News perspective on a Canadian health care story.

Still transfixed by the World Press Photo winners.

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  1. Roberta says:

    Just a little quibble: Dr. Sharma works at the University of Alberta, which is in Edmonton. His blog is excellent.


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