Old Wine, New Bottles – June, 2011

Five of our skeptical best from Junes past…

Toronto, Moon People, and the G20 Walk into a Bar…

Steve takes the Toronto Star to task for their astrological forecast for the (then-upcoming) G20 in Toronto.   The stars predicted tumult.  With the benefit of hindsight, we now know the astrologers were right and the skeptic was wrong.  Yet somehow my worldview didn’t collapse in on itself.  Strange.

Common Sense: A Manifesto

Erik shows why “sense” — meaning the ability to consistently reason soundly — is not at all common…and what you can do to improve yours.

Nostradamus – Latin for “Useless”

Kim takes on a modern-day charlatan’s claims that our favourite medieval-day charlatan predicted the Gulf Oil Spill.

Deepak Chopra Comes to Toronto

Mitchell outlines his reasons for objecting to the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto putting on a Deepak Chopra event.

“We Encourage You To Think Critically”

Ethan describes his encounter with Deepak himself:  ”You can almost hear the West Side Story finger snapping…”

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  1. t seems that Bryce Wylde is quite preoccupied with defending his image without ever resorting to science. I posted a criticism on what could be considered a rather minor “mistake” he made on his television show, and he popped up there as well. Without a list though, simply with the “recomnmendation” to read “Homeopathy”, a journal with largely pathetic imitations of scientific research.


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