Skeptics in The Pub

This Friday, June 17, the Association for Science and Reason‘s Skeptics in The Pub (SiTP) will feature a presentation from Scott Gavura, contributor to Skeptic North, Science-Based Medicine, and Science-Based Pharmacy. What are all those products on pharmacy shelves, and do they work as advertised?  Scott is a registered pharmacist, and he will outline the evidence supporting different over-the-counter products, and give tips to help the audience make smarter health decisions.

What is Skeptics in the Pub?

Skeptics in the Pub started in the UK as informal gatherings to promote critical thinking and scientific skepticism. They’ve since spread out worldwide – there’s probably an event near you. But this one is in downtown Toronto, at the Fox and Fiddle, opposite the Wellesley TTC station. Show up at seven to eat (and drink), and the talk starts around 8pm.  For more information check out ASR, the Meetup page, or the Facebook page.

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  • Scott Gavura

    Scott is passionate about improving the way drugs are used. A pharmacist by background, Scott has a professional interest in improving the cost-effective use of drugs at the population level, while helping consumers make more informed decisions about their health. He blogs about pharmacy practice and questionable science at Science-Based Pharmacy and Science-Based Medicine. All views expressed by Scott are his personal views alone, and do not represent the opinions of any current or former employers, or any organizations or associations that he may be affiliated with. All information is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for consultation with a licensed and accredited health professional.