Old Wine, New Bottles – July, 2011

Five of our skeptical best from Julys past…

Canada AM Goes Wylde

Kim makes the mistake of watching morning television, and gets a hazing in the glorious nonsense that is Bryce Wylde. It wouldn’t be their last encounter, but she never watched TV before primetime again.

Defender of Science-Based Medicine Sued

Scott tells us how a chelation therapy laboratory is trying to silence Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch with lawsuits.

University of Toronto: Bastion of Pseudoscience?

Mitchell finds some surprisingly non-scientific courses on offer at U of T.

Do We Have A Problem?

Ethan writes about Phil Plait’s Don’t Be a Dick talk at The Amazing Meeting, arguing that different situations call for different tactics.  Kind of a dick move if you ask me.

Black and white and read all over

Erik looks at our cognitive hard-wiring for justice, and how it impacts our response to law & order stories in the news.

Image courtesy of CyberMacs via Flickr under Creative Commons

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  • Erik Davis

    Erik is a technology professional based in Toronto, focused on the intersection of the internet and the traditional media and telecommunications sectors. A reluctant blogger, he was inspired by the great work Skeptic North has done to combat misinformation and shoddy science reporting in the Canadian media, and in the public at large. Erik has a particular interest in critical reasoning, and in understanding why there’s so little of it in the public discourse. You can follow Erik's occasional 140 character musings @erikjdavis