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Typical Mabus threat.

As I noted in an update to my previous Mabus post, but will highlight here in case anyone missed that and/or the Twitter chatter, the SPVM (Montreal Police) tweeted this evening that they had made an arrest in the David Mabus case.

Later, Canadian media (CTV Montreal, CyberPresse (French), Global Montreal, CTV News, and the Vancouver Sun) started reporting the same. Tim Farley, in an extremely detailed post, confirms that it was Mabus himself who was arrested. The SPVM, in response to tweets concerned whether Mabus would get mental health treatment, said that whatever happens now is up to the courts to decide. As before, follow Twitter chatter on this by searching “SPVM” and “mabus“.

I highly suggest giving Tim’s post a read. He provides many links and examples and gives a detailed background on Mabus’ activities, giving a clear picture of why police action was necessary.

UPDATE: If you have been a repeat victim of Mabus, please contact Tim Farley (@krelnik on Twitter or via What’s the Harm?), as the investigating detective is gathering names for a “no contact” list.

UPDATE: CTV ran a story on today’s evening news. TVA interviewed William Raillant-Clark (French).

Mabus has apparently been charged with 16 counts of uttering threats, according to Global Montreal, and has been put on a 30 day psych evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial. He is scheduled to return to court on 19 September.

UPDATE 22/09/2011: Montreal court reporter @stephaneincourt reported that Mabus had his court date on 19 Sep after completing his psychiatric evaluation and his next court date is on 2 December following a court-ordered stay in a rehabilitation centre. He reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder exacerbated by substance/alcohol abuse issues.

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  1. CBC News will be broadcasting tonight (18 Aug 11) a bulletin featuring Mabus and discussing why threats to scientists affect all Canadians. I will try to find a link after it goes online.


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