Welcome Bart!

Starting today, you’ll notice a new voice here at Skeptic North as Bart Farkas joins the fray.

Bart started his career as a trauma nurse in Calgary, but I first became acquainted with him through his work with the James Randi Educational Foundation, where he was on staff until recently. Among his many responsibilities there was the digitization of the 12,000 page archive of JREF’s Million Dollar Challenge.  He also wrote some great skeptical pieces for the JREF Swift blog (see here and here for recent examples), and those of you in western Canada may have also read his skeptical column in some of the Sun Media regional papers (Cochrane Times, Canmore, etc.).  In fact, writing’s how he makes his living now, having authored more than 100 books and countless articles in the span of his career, so we’re grateful he’s willing to moonlight with us.

His first piece for Skeptic North, on a psychic encounter he experienced during TAM9, will be out this morning and is a great read. No doubt the first of many.

One Response to “Welcome Bart!”

  1. Ashley Zinyk says:

    Hi Bart, good to see you on the site.


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