Skeptical Fails and Wins this Week

Hey there skeptifans. Here are the media Fails and Wins you sent me last week.

A little dose of hemp will cure everything
Lorne sent in this link. PZ Myers covered this video on his blog. A group of Canadian folks are selling hemp oil as a cure for everything. It’s your standard woo-woo panacea story. And get this….the quack in charge calls his company…wait for it……PHOENIX TEARS. Yes, quacks like Harry Potter too. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so dangerous. Watch the video below if you can stomach it. And, to make this worse, check out the coupon I was sent today.

Don’t muzzle our doctors
The Star ran this Win. A new policy by the Ontario college of physicians and surgeons would force doctors to have to tell patients about alternative therapies and restrict their ability to criticize them. This is despite the lack of evidence of effectiveness of these therapies. This is a serious threat to evidence-based care and consumer protection. It’s great to see an article laying the appropriate smack-down on this proposal.

Keep low-potency homeopathic remedies on hand
Well, what can I say about this link. It’s a list of homeopathic remedies suitable for treating common injuries and illnesses. I love the part where is specifies you should keep “low potency” homeopathic remedies on hand… if there is any high potency stuff out there. They even include a remedy to help sooth the pain of bereavement. This is something you’ll definitely need if you are treating your loved ones with this crap instead of real medicine.

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One Response to “Skeptical Fails and Wins this Week”

  1. Guy McCardle says:

    I managed to watch the first five minutes of the video before I threw up in my mouth. Telling people to turn away from the real cure…disgusting. Hemp may have some medicinal properties, but this film is pure propaganda for Big Pot.

    I take on topics like this on my new skeptical website/podcast, The Inconvenient Truth.


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