Secular Holiday Alternatives!

Are you a skeptic, humanist, or atheist and worried about how to deal with the very controversial subject of celebrating Christmas? Do you need an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry but want to do so in a secular fashion? Well, here are some secular-friendly alternatives to be aware of!


Trekmas is a Christmas alternative that involves Star Trek marathons and singing carols in Klingon. You can even decorate a Trekmas Tree, but make sure it only has four lights!


Trebekmas, mainly celebrated in Canada, is exactly the same as traditional Christmas, but you’re required to speak for the day entirely in the form of a question.


For a very skeptical holiday, there’s always those three wise men and the Père Noël of critical thinking, James Randi. I like to spend the day SHOUTING MY OWN NAME after everything I say.

And finally, you can go the hipster route and simply celebrate the holidays ironically.

9 Responses to “Secular Holiday Alternatives!”

  1. Composer99 says:

    Although I am not an atheist, I suggest celebrating Newtonmas as another possible alternative to Christmas.

    This alternative has the added benefit of Newton having been born (according to the calendar system in use in England at the time) on December 25.

    In fact, as you may already be aware, Chad Orzel of ScienceBlogs’ Uncertain Principles has been running an “Advent Calendar” of physics in the run-up to this Christmas/Newtonmas (latest post here).

  2. Lorne says:

    Don’t forget Festivus on the 23rd

  3. I am going to wish everyone a Joyeux Novëlla from now on. This is brilliant.

  4. paul says:

    “very controversial subject of celebrating Christmas”

    What are you smoking? Christmas stopped being a religious holiday a long time ago. If you really are that insecure about celebrating it due to its origins, fine. But stop whining about it.

    p.s I wasn’t aware this was now an atheist blog.


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