The Third Annual Cross Canada Skeptical Smackdown

The organizers of the annual Cross Canada Skeptical Smackdown are looking for your participation!  Here is a note from them with more details:

The third annual Cross Canada Skeptical Smackdown is approaching, and the CCSS team is looking for hosts in new locations. Perhaps that host is you.

What is the Cross Canada Skeptical Smackdown?
It is fun. But more specifically it is a British-style pub-quiz that occurs every year on or around Pi-Day (March 14th) in multiple locations across Canada with local and national bragging rights at stake.

How can I be a part?
Well you could sit and wait and keep your ear to the ground for the closest local event… but what if there is no local event? We are really hoping to increase the number of locations and participants from last year (with seven separate locations from coast to coast, that ought not be hard.)

If I volunteered to host, what would be required?
You would be responsible for finding a venue (a theatre, a pub, a living room… it doesn’t really matter so long as it will accommodate the people you expect to come.) on one of the five dates of the Smackdown (Wednesday March 14th to Sunday March18th this year). While some nation-wide publicity will be done (keep your eyes peeled here at Skeptic North) you should also do whatever is necessary to get the word out to your local skeptical peers about the event. There is an option to help create the quiz itself, but it is not a requirement. On the night of the event, one or two people are needed to run the quiz – that doesn’t have to be you, but if it isn’t it will be up to you to recruit an emcee. When all is said and done, report your local results back to CCSS HQ and wonder how it could possibly be more awesome for year four. It isn’t a lot of work, and it is a lot of fun, but we do need feet on the ground in other locations or it simply can’t happen.

Where is it being held?
Well… we are keeping that close to our chest at the moment. At the moment it is genuinely coast to coast, we have more cities committed than in year one, but less than year two, but we are still two months out.

If you are interested in being a part, email the CCSS at and we will let you know everything you need to know – including if there is a local event already planned (and where to get in contact with them) or if it’s going to be up to you to make sure it happens.

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