Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

Hey there skeptifans. Here are the Fails and Wins you sent me this week.

Keep Sanal Edamaruku out of jail
Sanal Edamaruku was the Indian skeptic who proved a crying Jesus statue was not miraculous, but caused by a leaking pipe. For this, he has been arrested for blasphemy and is facing jail time. Sign the petition to ask the local representatives of the Catholic church to dismiss their complaint against Sanal. Exposing the truth should never be a crime.

Why banking on cord blood isn’t necessarily a good idea
Lorne sent in this Win. The Globe and Mail did this thorough piece about cord blood. Many new parents are paying a lot of money to save this stem cell rich blood based on promises that it can cure many disorders down the road. These promises are often over-inflated, and don’t accurately reflect the usefulness of cord blood. This article covers the real potential of cord blood, as well as the benefits and problems of private cell banks vs. public ones.

Local product Mozi-Q approved as bug repellent

A new homeopathic bug repellent has hit the market, and been approved by Health Canada. In this article, it says “Only after Health Canada has assessed a product and decided it is safe, effective and of high quality, will a product be approved.” Unfortunately, when it comes to natural products this is just not true. Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations do NOT require stringent proof of efficacy for homeopathic products. Basically, they seem to approve anything that won’t maim or kill you. Who can blame someone for thinking that something approved by Health Canada has been tested for effectiveness? It should be what they are their to ensure.

Thousands swallow live fish hoping to cure asthma in India
John sent in this fail. Thousands of people lined up at a stadium to have live sardines smeared with a secret herbal paste shoved down their throat. Doctors protested, but that never seems to stop people.

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  1. re: cord blood: called it.



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