Investigating Anti-WiFi Activists in Canada

Skeptic North has been quite vocal during the debate over cellular and wireless technology and their purported health effects in the past.  There has been a terrific investigation into certain sauna salesmen and their claims of expertise over WiFi by Steve Thoms here as well.  Bad Science Watch, the new Canadian science advocacy group, launched a project last week to do a more comprehensive investigation into all of the groups and individuals in Canada making anti-wifi claims to uncover any undeclared commercial interests and fully document all of those  spreading mis-information about wireless technology and electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

In the debate over which projects to tackle first, we had a number of considerations  not the least of which is the desire to have a “win” early and not waste our efforts on low impact ideas.  It has also been suggested by some of our supporters that we should let the industry fight the battle over WiFi and cellular tech.  After all, they have a much bigger vested interest in the outcome and by speaking out on behalf of the science we are giving them a free boost that they don’t need.  We see the problem differently, which is why we are focusing on wireless internet hubs and the bogus diagnosis of EHS in this upcoming project.

While the epidemic of brain cancer caused by cellular telephone use has yet to materialise, it is important for us to continue studying it.  However, the plausibility that WiFi hubs are creating sick people has never been demonstrated and those who are promoting the diagnosis if EHS do not have science on their side.  Even more, the opportunity cost of missing a diagnosis of a dangerous heart condition or a debilitating anxiety disorder is high if we let EHS distract from mainstream scientific medicine.

This project will let us characterise all of those promoting these ideas and set the stage for future efforts to combat their pseudo-science.  Please help us accomplish this task by volunteering to a project committee or donating today.  There is only a few days left in our founder’s campaign to raise $6000.00 for our first year’s operating costs and first project budgets, so we could use your help.  Go to for more information on volunteering or donating.

We are also looking for scientific and legal advisers to help legitimize our efforts and make sure we stick to the science, if you are looking to have an impact on Canadian society through the promotion of science in public policy, please email me at

15 Responses to “Investigating Anti-WiFi Activists in Canada”

  1. deever says:

    “those who are promoting the diagnosis if [sic] EHS do not have science on their side. Even more, the opportunity cost of missing a diagnosis of a dangerous heart condition or a debilitating anxiety disorder is high if we let EHS distract from mainstream scientific medicine”

    What’s the opp cost of waiting for definitive sci per the skeptoworld, when evidence from quite rational, attentive, articulate sufferers should rather be at the forefront in public policy consideration?

    “make sure we stick to the science”

    Let’s doubt that, based on past performance, of relying on selective summaries and judgements of the compromised or incurious.

    Stick to wifi for a sure-thing “win”? Not a good choice, Michael. Various recent studies indicate danger, notably re reproductive function. Notables are now speaking out as well of late on the danger of wifi-ing specifically children, from a senior in radiation research in Russia (Grigoriev) to a senior in the Israeli health ministry (Litzman).

    Will you uncharacteristically dig around your sci world to get at what has really been going on? More likely, again based on past skepto performance, you will rest content with some 5 removes from where the action is, not with the misbehaviour of wireless pushers, nor with resultant corrupted science, nor with regulatory capture, nor with openminded critical but generous consideration of evidence from sufferers and those close to them, but you’ll focus on some fantasy about conflicts generated in the minds of the latter.

    Shall a wifi opponent analyze the skeptoworld’s motivations? Go ahead & distract yourselves, skeptos.

  2. elemental says:

    I’ll volunteer as a scientific advisor. I’m a graduate student in physics, specializing in quantum optics — does that qualify me? Sorry, I forgot — science has little to do with “sceptics’” investigations, at least when it comes to the wireless question. Rather, armchair primary-school physics and pseudoscience are preferred in those circles.

    Simply amazing that you folks would concern yourselves with undeclared commercial interests of public health advocates and genuinely concerned citizens, while in the same breath gobbling up industry-funded studies on wireless and health without shame.

    • Erik Davis says:

      I’m guessing you’d be disqualified for being so douchily condescending before they even looked at your CV, but I’m not on the selection committee.

      Amazing how you & deever always seem to show up as twofer.

      • deever says:

        So, just like on the other recent related page here, where Sousa complains of name calling, you worry about condescension — it really is about emotions, isn’t it? Not about real rational critical skeptical inquiry. “Skepticism” comes out yet again as religious surrogate. How’s this for a “twofer” – let elemental be your sci guide, i’ll be your study subject. Find out what’s in it for me, that i spend this time harping on the dangers of wireless. Must be a whole industry behind me to validate.

      • Erik Davis says:

        Not offended Darryl, more bemused and baffled by the arrogance of the comment.

  3. j carroll says:

    Governments worldwide have commissioned scientists to study the biological effects of emf’s(electromagnetic frequencies)on human health for decades.
    We all know from medical use that radiation is a dangerous substance and must be carefully used. When the World Health Organization issues a warning that emfs from wireless technology may possibly cause cancer it is prudent for users of wireless technology to take note.
    Scientists like Martin Blank of New York, USA have the evidence of the destruction caused to DNA of living cells from the radiation from emfs. Henry Lai who was commissioned by the US goverment to study the biological effects of emfs from radar has scientific evidence of the damage caused to living cells. Lennart Hardell has monitored cell phone users for a ten year period + and has the evidence of the increased rate of brain cancer.
    Short of putting ones head in the sand it is not possible to say that there is no need for concern.

    • Doubting Thomas says:

      Yes, indeed it is still possible to say there is no need for concern. While several researchers have reported findings of positive associations between EMF emissions and health, many others have reported negative results. All of these studies have been dissected and weighed by national and international expert panels, and their evaluations published in a number of review reports. The conclusion of the expert reviews is pretty much the same as what you will find on the WHO website: ‘To date, researchers have not found evidence that multiple exposures to RF fields below threshold levels cause any adverse health effects. No accumulation of damage occurs to tissues from repeated low level RF exposure. At present, there is no substantive evidence that adverse health effects, including cancer, can occur in people exposed to RF levels at or below’ (factsheet 226). No amount of huffing and puffing from fringe scientists will change this conclusion unless strong and convincing evidence emerges from ongoing research – which seems less and less likely, considering the most recent study results. This is why it is possible to say there is no need for concern. Unless you have your focus on fear and ignorance rather than rigorous science, that is.

      • deever says:

        Credulous Thomas,
        Your remarks betray gross ignorance except of what your culturally or grossly co-opted mainstream “authorities” tell you. Shill away. Who cares who is on your percceived “fringe”, how about caring for what is right? What on earth can you possibly know about the actual science on topic out there? I recently read two upcoming textbook chapters — yes, for instruction of the next generation of yet to be co-opted biophysicists — describing mechanisms of harm from manmade emfs. It ain’t simplistically all about power levels. How long before it penetrates the mainstream? Looks like skeptos ‘ll be last to find out, as they wait for their current “authorities” to die off or come around somehow, and even then some, like I bet Trottier will cling to his religious defence of the indefensible.

  4. Art Tricque says:

    “Incurious” is an adjective that does not apply to the skeptic community. It is because we didn’t know the totality of the science around RF and can conceive of other hypotheses that we know the scaremongering of some is bunkum. When ex-media members alleged issues in Collingwood and claimed they had checked other possibilities, we asked “which ones?“ No answer was ever given to the hundreds that one could conceive of. Robert Riedlinger makes all kinds of allusions in WEEP News without any discussion of alternatives that the publisher, Martin Weatherall, reprints also without commentary. Lastly, Denver himself lacks curiosity enough to examine alternatives. A while alternatives, he suggested trees do better in ravines because they were more sheltered there from RF. He still has not come up with the most likely answer all this time later, an answer my primary school-age nieces came up with in a flash.

    With such poor scientific method, it is no wonder that the RF scaremonger crowd is so poorly viewed, and why their record on the scientific, regulatory, political, public and commercial fronts is one of abject failure. Claims of conspiracy, or that more research or the opinions of sporadic, isolated commentators are about to prove them right do not measure up against that dismal record.

  5. Art Tricque says:

    RF scaremongers are not brave at all: they are cowards. They get together every few years at some made-up, high-sounding forum name, and issue the “Nepean Resolution” on the Internet instead of in a scientific journal. Magda Havas RF arely publishes any research at all, and when she does it is self-published or in obscure journals. And when she receives offers to repeat research she continually cites as showing RF causes harm, but with better equipment and methodology, she refuses. No wonder the record of RF scaremongers is so poor in every domain they have sought to influence (qv).

  6. deever says:

    Art, as usual, you are boringly flogging way off course. How interested are you & your chums really in the actual science (won’t even get into your “totality” nonsense), set aside for now the issue of co-optation, culture &c? One Ontario public health “authority” recently tried to get away with a sweep of the hand assurance that since the last “Health” Canada issuance of Danger Code 6 in ’09, there is ongoing review of the sci lit and, nothing to worry about. Like he missed all of these, plenty indicative/suggestive of harm from umpteen angles; you sure missed it, Mr Totality (I’m expecting it to be rejected for length, might try to post in parts — are skeptos worth the bother?):

    Thomas S et al, (February 2010) Exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields and behavioural problems in Bavarian children and adolescents, Eur J Epidemiol. 2010 Feb;25(2):135-41. Epub 2009 Dec 4

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    “obviously influence DNA repair”

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    “children must be protected from RF exposure”
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    • Doubting Thomas says:

      This lengthy citation makes me think of the Macbeth soliloquy in act 5, scene 5 – “Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” Many of these studies report biological changes with no known clinical significance, suffer from serious methodological weaknesses or have been refuted by more robust studies. Or, like the Dode AC et al, (July 2011) cancer study in Brazil, just plain nonsence. For insight to what is wrong with this high school science project, see the Foster/Trottier critique here:

      • deever says:

        I did not know of this riposte by the two industry apologists, good of Thomas to bring it. But I’ll have to get to it later. So good of you to cherry-pick, that fave accusation of skeptos, the study you want to tar (which is a remarkable study nonetheless, in line with several other cell base station studies and cancer, which Thomas wouldn’t know or care about anyway, would he). Do please list more “refutations”. And of course, whenever there is a SINGLE study showing harm, a 1000 “refutations’ of all the rest have what import re public health sci, Thomas? Bye for now.

      • deever says:

        There should shortly be rebuttal of Foster & Trot. (Thomas’ link) published in same journal. fyi


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