Eschaton 2012: Stop Worrying and Celebrate Reason

The following announcement is posted on behalf of CFI Ottawa. Skeptic North’s own Sara Mayhew will be speaking at this event.



Join us for the first large scale CFI Conference in Eastern Canada:

Come to Ottawa for a weekend gathering of scientists, philosophers, authors, academics, skeptics, rationalists, humanists, atheists, and freethinkers, where you can see presentations and join discussions on science, skepticism, gender issues, theocracy vs secularism, godless ethics, parenting beyond belief.  Featured speakers include blogger PZ Myers (, science education activist Eugenie Scott (, author Ophelia Benson (, philosopher Chris DiCarlo (, mangaka Sara Mayhew (, and many others.  You can even participate in a live recording of Canada’s skeptical podcast, “The Reality Check” (

Saturday evening we present our gala “Night at the Museum” (held at the Canadian Museum of Nature), which includes a reception, talk by PZ Myers, and late night special events, with exclusive access to the Fossil Gallery and Earth Gallery.

The price of $275 ($225 for CFI members) includes access to the Friday night plenary session, a choice of 2 daytime tracks on Saturday and Sunday, lunches and snacks, plus the Saturday evening gala.  (A limited number of volunteer discounts are available – email for more information.)


November 30-December 2

Ottawa, Canada


twitter: @eschaton2012



6 Responses to “Eschaton 2012: Stop Worrying and Celebrate Reason”

  1. Oh, if only it were in Eastern Canada, I might be able to attend. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to Central Canada for the event.

  2. Eschaton says:

    While I agree that sociopolitically, “Eastern Canada” generally refers to the maritimes and Newfoundland, on the other hand people in Manitoba object to Ontario and Quebec being called “Central Canada”. If you geographically split Canada in half, Ottawa is definitely in the eastern half. So, we called this an “eastern Canada” conference, to distinguish it from the Imagine No Religion conference in BC. (Sorry for the confusion.) In any case, if people are able to attend from their faraway locations, I’m sure it would be worth the effort!

  3. Please see Canadian Atheist: for speaker profiles and updates on special offers and what’s happening at Eschaton.

  4. Ned R. says:

    You say the world is not ending ? Oh come on man, I don’t wan’t to buy gifs for christmas this year, it’s a torture !

  5. Kyle says:

    @Ned R. Yeah man, you are absolutely right its a real torture to buy gifts and from since I have seen the movie 21 December 2012, I am waiting for the end of the world. ;)


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