Google Reader RIP. Keeping up with Skeptic North.

End is Near

Actually, it isn’t. We’ll all be just fine.

Many of Skeptic North’s readers follow this blog using RSS, and some rely on Google Reader to deliver that those updates.  Some link their Google Reader account to sites like Flipboard and Zite. If this is you, read on:

Google Reader will close down on July 1. If this is the way you followed Skeptic North’s posts, you need to make some choices to stay updated with the blog’s content.

  1. Switch to a new RSS reader. Many (myself included) have switched to Feedly. One click to transfer your feeds to Feedly, if you’re already subscribed via Google Reader. There are other alternatives to Feedly, too.
  2. Subscribe to receive Skeptic North updates by email.
  3. Follow Skeptic North on Facebook. Posts will always be linked on the Facebook page, and there’s bonus content and active discussion there. You’ll find many of SN’s contributors are active on the FB page.
  4. Follow Skeptic North on Twitter, where we also link to posts. You can also follow many of Skeptic North’s contributors who are active on Twitter – check out the list here.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Skeptic North.
Photo from flickr user Thomas Hawk used under a CC licence.

2 Responses to “Google Reader RIP. Keeping up with Skeptic North.”

  1. Gem Newman says:

    CommaFeed is also a great choice, especially if you like to tinker (although Feedly is admittedly more user-friendly).

  2. BillBC says:

    The Old Reader is an excellent RSS choice, better than Feedly I think


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