Launching a Skeptical-themed Manga Series

Legend of the Ztarr is a sword-and-sandals skeptical-themed manga epic that I’ve been writing and illustrating as my main publishing project. Recently, the popular crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, made itself open to Canadian creators, making it possible for me to launch the Legend of the Ztarr Kickstarter, which aims to create a print edition of Volume 1, and conversion to a full e-book for all major e-readers.


Over the years, I’ve spoken at TED, TAM, and skeptical events about the power of using storytelling–comics, TV, movies, books–to promote science-based thinking and secular humanist values. Audiences can become emotionally invested in characters of a work, and if those characters are skeptic role models, we can get people to connect to the importance of critical thinking.

To make Legend of the Ztarr Volume 1 possible, I need your help to spread the word about this unique series. Those who back $25 will be getting a copy of the book plus an exclusive Legend of the Ztarr bookmark that I’m drawing especially for the Kickstarter campaign. Bigger rewards include cool things like being drawn as a background character or even a minor role character right into the story itself!

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  1. Meagan says:

    I think this is a good project. And the artwork is cute! ^-^ I helped out. Good luck with it!


  • Sara E. Mayhew

    International award-winning mangaka and 2009 TED Fellowship member, Sara E. Mayhew is a Canadian writer and illustrator striving to produce manga that promotes skepticism and critical thinking. Canada's prestigious graphic arts magazine, Applied Arts, featured her in their Young Blood article on "new talent commanding our attention". She has spoken on the TED Fellows stage at the TED 2009 conference in Long Beach, CA, and more recently at TEDActive 2010 in Palm Springs, CA. Currently, Sara is working on producing a new series, Legend of the Ztarr, that aims to introduce manga readers to skeptical and humanist values through storytelling. Her blog, There Are Four Lights, combines art and skepticism, with occasional pepperings of general geekdom and random cuteness.