Health Canada – It’s Far Past Time to Put a Stop to the NHPD Farce

Another foreign government report has been released concluding that homeopathy is worthless.

The UK government [pdf] concluded that homeopathy was no better than placebo. The Swiss even threw them a bone and lowered the standard of evidence for the review and came to the same conclusion. Now the Australian government [pdf] has completed its review and concluded the same thing.

So would Health Canada like explain why it continues to give homeopathic products NHPD approvals and exemptions to be sold to Canadian citizens even though the product numbers are assigned to chemically indistinguishable placebos?

Health Canada continues to shame itself by failing to even remotely approach the level of work that other governments have done. There is zero justification for Health Canada to continue approving these products on the Canadian dime and it is ethically appalling that this continues, even under the banner of so-called consumer freedom.

3 Responses to “Health Canada – It’s Far Past Time to Put a Stop to the NHPD Farce”

  1. Alex Murdoch says:

    Maybe it’s time to ask our government officials in public why they disagree with the UK and Australia, why they continue to support the use of these dangerous products, and why they seem to be immune to evidence.It would be interesting to hear what Rona Ambrose has to say on this topic.

  2. Judy says:

    I believe it’s the “worming” in of Anthroposophy into our country. Ultimately people in power are believing “the silliest things”, and the citizens have to suffer.l. Try reading the books and lectures of Rudolf Steiner and you will sort of understand what is happening now.


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