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Captain Disillusion on SPACE

09 October 2009 by Jesse Brydle

If a lie could travel halfway around the world while the truth was putting on its shoes before the Internet, then what hope do skeptics have today? Sometimes it feels like we need a skeptical superhero! Enter Captain Disillusion. Captain Disillusion is the creator and star of a series on YouTube debunking and/or explaining some […]

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Integrative Energy Healing for medical professionals

02 October 2009 by Jesse Brydle

Langara College in Vancouver, BC, is a fine institution. It’s a real school, offering real degrees, and providing real education in the arts, sciences, social sciences, and career-oriented studies. It is by no means a woo institution, which is what makes the following so troublesome. Langara offers a continuing studies program in Integrative Energy Healing, […]

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    Jesse Brydle, from Vancouver, BC, is a life-long science nerd who has always been drawn to controversy, so skepticism was an inevitable outcome. He studied Physics at UBC, and he currently works with computers (surprise surprise) in the non-profit sector, and has been involved with the Centre for Inquiry in Vancouver as a volunteer organizer for a little over a year.