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Have a Skeptic North Year!

30 December 2009 by Nathan Hinman

Wow, here we are at the end of the year and what a year it has been! Skeptic North is just under 3 months old now, but already has gathered many great accolades from the skeptical community and beyond. Starting with a meeting of Canadians from across the country at The Amazing Meeting 7, this […]

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Canadian Skeptical Round Up

29 November 2009 by Nathan Hinman

Do you feel like you missed out on Canadian skeptical news this week? Here’s what we were paying attention to: Skeptic North’s resident pharmacist Scott wrote an article for the National Post about Bill 179, which will allow Ontario naturopaths to prescribe medication. Naturopaths responded with their own post. While commenting is closed on the […]

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On the Origin of Creationism with Kirk Cameron: The Canadian Response

06 October 2009 by Nathan Hinman

Most of the skeptical blogosphere is already aware of former child actor Kirk Cameron’s new role as an evangelical Christian spokesperson. His partnership with Ray Comfort to promote creationism with bananas has become a legendary comical internet meme. As is the case with many of those invested in pseudoscience and myth the counter arguments are […]

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