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Rodney Palmer: When Pseudoscience and Narcissism Collide

29 October 2010 by Steve Thoms

This ridiculous farce of an invented controversy got way out of hand way too fast.  My apologies for sleeping on this one.  I thought that sanity would prevail, and everyone would surely see the perpetrators for the fools they are.  It seems that I over estimated the Canadian media’s ability to be dedicated to journalistic […]

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Fluoridated Water ‘debate’ returns. Nothing new is said

24 October 2010 by Steve Thoms

Since moving to my adopted city of Kitchener, Ontario last month, I’ve come to love the park lands, downtown market, and rich German culture.  I love this city a great deal, but I’ve not had a lot of time to learn the political culture, and what level of pseudo-science is prevalent around here.  So I […]

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Book Review: “This is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel Levitin

15 October 2010 by Steve Thoms

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the way in which music is somehow different.  This is not something I’m claiming to be a unique trait that only I have, because I think we all, in our own ways, set our love of music apart from everything else in our lives.  We don’t always try […]

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Further down the WiFi Rabbit Hole I Go!

26 August 2010 by Steve Thoms

This is going to be a long post, folks.  But I promise you, it’s worth it. Last week I wrote a post about the WiFi manufactroversey going on in my home county of Simcoe.  As a quick reminder:  An ad-hoc parents committee was formed to petition the Simcoe County School Board for the removal of […]

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Ontario’s Wi-Fi Phobia

17 August 2010 by Steve Thoms

*update: 08/26, 20:15 EST* Unbeknownst to me when I wrote this, a part 2 to this post would later need to be made.  The linkages in this story go pretty deep.  Click here for the new post. Despite my old stomping grounds AND my old University being directly involved, I was going to steer clear […]

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So you want to go to be a CON-man?

06 August 2010 by Steve Thoms

I’ve been to a decent number of conferences over the past few years.  Some academic, some popular, and most recently, my first skeptic conference.  I noticed a few peculiarities at Skepchicon and I think some lessons I learned need to be shared.  These peculiarities are not unique to Skepchicon, or to skeptic conferences, but they […]

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Toronto, Moon people, and the G20 walk into a Bar…

23 June 2010 by Steve Thoms

In case you haven’t noticed, the G20 and G8 summits are about to be held in Toronto and Huntsville. It’s the big event of the year for Ontario: Think of it as being sort of like Vancouver’s Olympics, but with less half-pipes and more black helicopters. In a mad-dash for news, any news that might […]

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Victoria Day sunrise

I am CRUSHING your Sun!

27 May 2010 by Steve Thoms

About two years ago, I wrote a bi-weekly astronomy column for my university paper called “Stargazer Steve“, where I would write about this or that astronomical topic.  I haven’t done it in a while and I kind of miss it, so it’s high-time I resurrected it.  I took these pictures on Victoria Day morning (for […]

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Skeptic North 2.0!

24 May 2010 by Steve Thoms

Notice anything different? We’ve switched our hosting servers and redesigned the look and interface of our home and native blog! When we launched the site last October, many readers complained commented that we were too bland…too Sarah Plain and Tall for a blog as ambitious as ours. There were many interface / technical / aesthetic […]

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Great Canadian Diet Soda Test

Great Canadian Diet Soda Test

23 April 2010 by Steve Thoms

I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I hardly ever drink. In most circles, this is what would qualify me as “boring nerd-boy”. My vice of choice for years has been Diet Coke. In those same circles, this would be known as “Seriously? That’s a vice to you? Nerd.” I would then sheepishly slink […]

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