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Licensing Psychics and CAM Practitioners

Licensing Psychics and CAM Practitioners

20 March 2013 by John Underhay

Regulation and licensing of businesses is considered a normal part of government bureaucracy. Some libertarians may disagree with any form of government interference in commercial activities, however, it is generally accepted that regulation is a proper government function, even if the type or level of regulation is controversial. One area that has created some discussion […]

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Talking about Ghosts

08 September 2011 by Ethan Clow

Earlier in the week, I discussed how to talk about ghost on Radio Freethinker. It’s a topic that I’ve thought about for a while and there’s a possibility that my advice might serve other skeptics out there. I have several family members who believe in ghosts and have their own unique ghostly experiences they like […]

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Are Psychics the New Therapists?

19 March 2011 by Kim Hebert

The scrubs mean that I’m right. Are Psychics the New Therapists? Short answer: No. Longer answer: Psychics/mediums are people who claim to predict the future and/or talk to the dead using paranormal powers. There is no evidence (despite years of investigation) that people have these abilities. There is evidence that psychics/mediums use a technique called […]

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2010 Psychic Review and 2011 Preview

17 January 2011 by Kim Hebert

As it was last year, and likely will be again next year unless the Reptilians get us, it’s December. Unsurprisingly, psychics in late 2008 made their various predictions about 2009 and I examined the claims of two: self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne and Nostradamus fanboi John Hogue. I wonder if they did any better for 2010, […]

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How useful thy fiction?

21 July 2010 by Erik Davis

This weekend was my 20 year high school reunion, and for whatever reason — be it nostalgia or morbid curiosity — I decided to attend.  Despite the long drive (I was raised near NYC), it was an interesting experience, even rewarding at times.  And it gave me the impetus to finally file an article that […]

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