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Mike Adams Remains True to Form

Mike Adams Remains True to Form

22 February 2011 by Kim Hebert

We’ve written a lot about homeopathy lately, but every time I think I have written all I can, something sucks me back in. The 10:23 demonstrations and the CBC Marketplace coverage have elicited fascinating case studies in CAM professionalism. Rather than offering any new information or evidence about homeopathy itself, some homeopaths have spuriously accused […]

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Canadian 10:23 Events Lauded by Skeptics as a Success

08 February 2011 by Michael Kruse

This weekend people from all across Canada participated in the international 10:23 campaign, staging “overdoses” of sugar pills and water in order to protest the absurdity of homeopathy.  There were participants in over 28 countries, including an event held in the  Antarctic , and the events in Canada also included demonstrations of the manufacture of the […]

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10:23 Canada 2011 Events Announced

01 February 2011 by Michael Kruse

This coming weekend groups from all over Canada (except the east coast – hop to it!!) will be participating in the international 10:23 Campaign as they attempt a death-defying “overdose” from homeopathic medications. Participants will swallow “overdoses” of scam medications sold by major retailers which contain no active ingredients. The action is the culmination of […]

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