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Skepticism in a Small Town

Skepticism in a Small Town

28 September 2012 by Scott Gavura

The following is a cross-post from Science-Based Pharmacy, contributed by a Canadian pharmacist who blogs under the pseudonym “Sara Russell”. In my last post, I introduced myself as a pharmacist in a small-ish town, eager to combat the growing acceptance of pseudoscience into the mainstream. I love living where I live for a multitude of […]

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CASS update protest July 24 2011

Skeptical Activism in Canada

25 July 2011 by Michael Kruse

On Tuesday of last week I wrote about the rise of skeptical activism and the need to get organized in order to shape and present a message that will resonate with the public and affect positive change. Let me present to you the several projects that CASS at CFI Canada is working on to advance […]

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What Does Open- Mindedness Mean?

21 August 2010 by Ethan Clow

The other day I was handing out flyers outside the Marriot Hotel in downtown Vancouver encouraging people to think critically about the event they were about to see. That event was a group reading by self-proclaimed psychic and medium John Edward. The event was a success, we handed out a number of flyers, engaged a […]

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sfu skeptics

“We Encourage You To Think Critically”

10 June 2010 by Ethan Clow

Recently Deepak Chopra came to Vancouver to speak about his new age spiritualism involving quantum healing and other mystical healing methods like mind over matter. Chopra is well known to the skeptical community. James Randi suggested that Deepak Chopra is “the richest quack that I know of” (he said that when I interviewed him on […]

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Anti-Deepak Chopra Gathering in Vancouver

02 June 2010 by Ethan Clow

On June 4th, Deepak Chopra, new age alt med practitioner will be giving a talk in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Chopra takes scientific terms like quantum mechanics and warps the meaning to suit his pseudo-scientific/mysticism claims to give them the veneer of legitimacy. Not only have his claims been documented to be wrong […]

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