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Crack Your Back instead of a Vial of Vaccine?

17 May 2013 by Michael Kruse

A few weeks ago, my post on the anti-vaccination bias in the alternative medical community raised the ire of some readers when I suggested that chiropractors have been culpable in the spread of dangourous anti-vax rhetoric.  Some were incredulous at the suggestion that chiropractic as a practice originally included a denial of the germ-theory of […]

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Battling the Anti-Vaccination Movement

20 March 2013 by Ethan Clow

(Note – this is crossed posted to Radio Freethinker) It’s been a busy month for skeptical activists in Vancouver. I wanted to write about some of the recent news regarding an anti-vaccination conference that was held at the Simon Fraser University, here in Vancouver. The anti-vaccination conference was organized by this group: the Vaccine Resistance […]

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