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C4ST and Frank Clegg Spreading WiFi Fear

C4ST and Frank Clegg Spreading WiFi Fear

04 September 2013 by Michael Kruse

Once more, Frank Clegg and the BC based Citizens for Safe Technology (C4ST) have shown that they will not let science get in the way of scaring children and families.  This past Tuesday, the start of school for most Ontario children, C4ST was positioned outside of a school in Mississauga handing out pamphlets warning children and […]

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Skeptical Fails and Wins This Week

18 March 2012 by Melany Hamill

Hey there skeptifans. Here are the media Fails and Wins you sent me this week. Baby On Bed Anna sent in this win from Slate, discussing bed sharing with infants. Actress and PhD Mayam Bialik released a parenting book encouraging the practice, but Slate points out the risks associated with it. Parenting is one of […]

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Local Cell Tower Hysteria

09 December 2011 by Marion Kilgour

Most of the cell phone / Wi-Fi hysteria seems to me like it’s been coming from the eastern provinces, although Edmonton has had some short-lived and ineffective campaigns to get Wi-Fi out of schools. But, this summer I got my first taste of local activism about cell towers. Initially, I was on board with the […]

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Wireless Battles Radiate Across Canada

06 June 2011 by Michael Kruse

In my final update, I just wanted to point out some of the conflicts between the public and technology that have ensued since the Simcoe County, Ontario, as well as discuss a couple of studies that did not get a lot of attention but were interesting, none the less. WiFi and Cell Phone Towers Since […]

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Cell Phones and WiFi and Cancer, Oh My…

01 June 2011 by Michael Kruse

Since my last entry on WiFi was a lightning rod for the fringe, I decided I would provide a bit of a rebuttal and an update on the challenges to the public sector on the provision of WiFi and cell phone towers.  Below are many of the charges levied agains cell phones and their infrastructure, […]

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Devra Davis: Disconnected from Science: Part I

06 December 2010 by Michael Kruse

Over the past several months, Skeptic North has been publishing various critiques of the movement to ban WiFi and limit microwave radiation in the 2.4 GHz range used in cellular telecommunications.  Despite the continued insistence by this fractious bunch that our children (and even our rose bushes) are in danger, they have failed to offer convincing evidence […]

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Putting the EMFasis Back on the Scientific Consenus

Putting the EMFasis Back on the Scientific Consenus

08 November 2010 by Erik Davis

By now, I’m sure most of you have caught Steve’s piece last week on the Ontario wifi debate.  It turned out to be quite the tempest in a teapot, driving about 10x the traffic of the average post on Skeptic North, and generating dozens of comments, including one from Rodney Palmer himself. One comment in […]

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